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How To Embrace The Aries Full Moon Energies

the emperor tarot of quotes
Cosmic Faery Tarot - Major Arcana
When the moon is full, its power and energy is at its peak. On the 16th October, there will be an Aries full moon, and Aries is linked to the Emperor in the Tarot.

So what does this card teach you about the Aries energies we are going to experience around this month's full moon?

Here are some ideas how you can embrace the Aries full moon energies:

1. Begin again

Aries is the first sign in the horoscope and the messenger for spring (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Springtime means starting afresh and new growth after having released the old in previous months.

So, the Aries full moon may ask you to move onwards and upwards in your life, finally letting go of negative habits, toxic people etc.

Once you turn your back on what's draining you, you will notice how your energy levels, vitality and inner strength will increase.

2. Be a leader

The Emperor is obviously a leader, and perhaps now is the perfect time for you to take up his role and lead, not only others but your own life, too.

Don't follow others, but create your own rules, boundaries and visions you desire and feel inspired by.

It's a great time to be assertive and get areas of your life back in order you may have neglected or even let go out of control.

3. Take action

Aries and the Emperor are pioneers and adventurers. They love conquering, too, especially things that seem difficult and perhaps overwhelming.

They don't get intimidated, so whatever task or situation you need to resolve and have procrastinated about so far, now is the time to grab the ram by its horns and see it through.

Tarot of Quotes
4. Get sporty and creative

Aries is also linked to the Queen of Wands in the Tarot. She reminds you to get more in touch with your creative side, follow your passions and keep active.

If you do any sports at the time around the Aries full moon, you may have more energy and achieve better results.

Beware of too much coffee, alcohol or other stimulants at this time, as their effects can be intensified in a kind of hyperactive way :)

5. Keep your Ego in check

Well, the Emperor can overstep his mark with arrogance, self-centredness, jealousy and over-control at times. Watch out for these negative traits to creep up on you without otherwise noticing.

Be more mindful about how you react to and deal with people. Make sure you are grounded and stay calm at times when you feel anything but.

Would you like to learn more about how to apply astrology and the moon phases to your tarot work? Check out my Tarot Astrology Self-Study course and my Tarot Moon Journal.

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