Saturday, 13 August 2016

Combining Tarot and Oracle Decks for Transformational Readings

Let me introduce you to the Major Arcana of the Cosmic Faery Tarot and the Cosmic Journaling Oracle.

Used together in a reading, they offer you a fresh and innovative approach to divination.

Take a look at the image. How would you interpret the cards to answer the question?

While the Major Arcana card in the centre offers you an overall theme or direction, the two cards of the oracle deck focus on specifics.

Sometimes it is the clarity and succinctness of the oracle that help you pinpoint the true heart of the matter.

It can offer you straightforward and immediate empowerment, something you can act upon straight away. That's what I call transformational. 

Instead of Help you could have drawn the Five of Pentacles from your Tarot deck, or the Hermit instead of Knowledge. Possibilities for interpretation would have increased but also become more vague.

My interpretation of the above spread is personal, and yours may differ to mine, but yes, one task for me will be doing some serious reading today, getting myself immersed into some inspirational books and magazines. 

What also works is the complementary artwork of both decks, which can make readings more fluid and coherent.

The Cosmic Faery Tarot Major Arcana special edition comes with two bonus cards and is currently available together with the Cosmic Journaling Oracle at a discounted price

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