Sunday, 6 March 2016

Balancing Darkness and Light

balancing darkness and light
I've succumbed to the new age fad of "adult colouring"
and found that surprisingly relaxing ;)
If you have been reading my blogs for a while, then you know that I am not a member of the "love 'n' light" brigade, constantly churning out sugar-coated new age sound bites about happiness, unconditional love and floating in a state of eternal bliss.

Far from it.

My writings and the work I do are based on my personal experiences of the darkness that exists in my life - endings, loss, bereavement, change, depression, anxiety, insecurities, illness, loneliness.

The love 'n' light brigade keeps telling me to "release" all those things, "let go" or even ignore, but that's easier said than done. How exactly do you "release" depression, feelings of loss or uncertainty?

In reality, dealing with these issues involves a lot of work, which includes acknowledging, facing and embracing the shadow in our lives. It also means admitting to it!

Even in nature, there is no sunlight without the casting of a shadow, no day without night. Light and dark both have a role to play in a holistic and sustainable kind of spirituality, which is the only way to initiate growth, healing and enlightenment (wisdom).

Of course, if you tend to be a pessimist and your thoughts keep revolving around negative aspects in your life, then it is wise to have a reminder once in a while to be more positive, hence "Today focus solely on the positive", a message from my Manifesting Change Cards.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of negativity when having to deal with major change and upheaval.

This card isn't about ignoring reality; it's just asking you to give yourself a break.

I pulled this card yesterday, and as a result I reminded myself of all the good stuff currently going on in my life. Also, the little things around me that give me pleasure.

I had a very productive and positive day, because I knew this wasn't about putting my head into the sand. And lo and behold, at midnight the spell was over, and I woke up early with fears of loneliness in old age....

You may be laughing now, or perhaps you understand. The point is, my spirituality is a mix of love 'n' light and doom 'n' gloom. For me, one can't exist without the other.

If some new age guru tells you to ignore all the shit in your life, then think again.

Denial and ignorance isn't the answer to your problems. There is much you can do to blend both aspects of your life in order to - perhaps paradoxically - be happier and more fulfilled.

Find creative outlets to confront your darkness. Reach out, help others. Divine possibilities and solutions. Your darkness after all may be your driving force to greatness. Use it as a fuel on your journey.

Warmest wishes,


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