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4 Reasons Why you Are Still Single

4 reasons why you are still single, love, cosmic journaling oracle
Cosmic Journaling Oracle
If you have been single for a while, chances are you wouldn't mind meeting that special someone to love and share your life with.

Unless of course you are totally happy with being single, then you don't need to read any further.

But if you do read on, then you might be wondering, why love seems to persistently elude you.

There can be many reasons, which you may be aware of, but sometimes it can also be down to your unconscious behaviour and state of mind that blocks you from attracting that fulfilling relationship you are dreaming of.

Here are some possibilities:

1. You are bitter and resentful about your past experiences

So many people experience a string of unhappy relationships, and after a while it either makes them start keeping 30 cats, or they become highly cynical about the whole love thang.

Unconsciously they begin to develop a kind of victim mentality, forever going on about how terribly they were hurt, and never wanting to be in that situation again.

If you fit into this category, then I know what you must be going through. I sadly haven't been immune to mistreatment either, but I advise you not to let these people rule the rest of your life in such a negative way.

Slowly you are building an impenetrable wall around you, and the only way you can pull it down again is by accepting what happened, learn from it, forgive those people, and then move on.

2. You are still clinging to your ex

If you are still hoping for your ex to return, then you won't attract anybody remotely suitable for you. That's because unconsciously you are not interested in long-term relationships but short-lived flings to fill the void.

You may also still be grieving for your broken relationship and may make some desperate choices for comfort, which you may later regret.

The best thing to do is accept that your ex is unlikely to come back and release that relationship mentally and emotionally. I know it is hard and it will take a while, but it will help you put closure on the past and open up to new opportunities.

3. You are waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect

The basic ingredients for a long-term relationship is mutual attraction, chemistry, trust and respect. It's also important that you share same interests (at least a few) and values. On that foundation you can develop long-term love and commitment.

But do they really have to have a university degree like you? Or have lots of money? Or a job that your parents (or your peers) approve of?

Whatever you are looking for in your next relationship, by all means make a priority list, but don't dismiss someone, only because they don't tick one of the ingredients on your wishlist.

Think carefully about what is most important to you, but don't make that list so long that it will be hard for anyone to fulfil.

Explore, where you could compromise and still make it work. This isn't about "settling" for second best but discovering the hidden gems in a potential relationship and the all-important give and take.

4. You are desperate

It's been so long since your last relationship that you have stopped discerning the wheat from the chaff, and you are looking at every man or woman you meet as a love potential.

This can make you act in strange ways, like getting too close to someone you talk to at a social event, drink too much, offer your phone number etc. without noticing that they are just not interested in you.

And when you do get the chance for another date, then you keep getting in touch with them too often, and basically on an unconscious level you just exude desperation, which sadly is terribly unattractive.

Cool down. Step back. Relax. There is a better way how you can attract love into your life without trying too hard.

That doesn't mean you have to crawl into a shell and stop socialising. Instead, enjoy meeting new people and see them as potential friends rather than anything more. This way you build your social network, and who knows, one of them might be rocking your boat at one point in the future.

faith cosmic journaling oracle
Cosmic Journaling Oracle
Always trust the process and know that love will come your way when you least expect it.

Questions you could ask the Tarot:

1. What blocks have I created that hinder me from finding new love?

2. How can I overcome them?

3. What else can I do over the next four weeks to invite new love into my life?

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