Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Truth About Soulmate Relationships

the truth about soulmate relationships
Tarot of Quotes
"Why did he leave me? He was my soulmate!" she cried, "Now he says he doesn't love me any more..." *sob*

As a professional Tarot reader, I deal with a lot of questions about love and relationships including "When will I meet my soulmate?", as if soulmate relationships were the Rolls Royce of relationships.

But here's the truth: they're not, and I tell you why.

What is a soulmate relationship?

You can find different definitions of a soulmate relationship on the internet, and some even include a karmic /past life connection.

This is my version:

In a soulmate relationship there is a mutual strong and deep love connecting both people for life.

That love will never diminish, and over time it can become all consuming and sometimes even leads to co-dependency without you realising.

It is possible that in a soul mate relationship you gradually lose yourself completely giving up your identity and autonomy. Two people become one, not just in private but in public, too.

So far, not so good.

Of course, deep love and affection is a wonderful thing, and that is one major aspect of a soulmate relationship.

This love lasts a lifetime, so if someone tells you they don't love you any more, then they have never been your soulmate.

Happy-ever-after in a soulmate relationship?

Not necessarily. As mentioned before, this type of relationship can be stifling, and at one point there will be an urge to break out, even if just for a short time.

Two people can evolve over time in different directions, which will not have an impact on the love they feel for each other, but on their ability to stay together.

When soulmates finally split up, they will experience this as difficult and traumatic, because they cannot stop loving the other but also recognise the reason why their breakup is for the best.

There is no guarantee that soulmates stay together for the rest of their lives.

Are other kind of relationships not just second-best?

Not necessarily. As long as they are built on mutual love, commitment, trust and respect, these relationships can equally last a lifetime but without the entangling energy of a soulmate connection.

A lot of successful relationships are NOT soulmate connections; both people in this kind of relationship manage to grow alongside each other, in fact, they help each other grow. They also keep their autonomy and yet are fully committed to each other.

How do you know, if you are in a soulmate relationship?

Although you can feel a strong connection to each other, especially at the beginning of a relationship, only time will tell if you do.

Astrology can also give you a hint as to how you are matched with your significant other. This involves your sun and your moon sign. If your moon sign is the same as your partner's sun sign, then this could indicate a soulmate relationship. If you like, I can do a Tarot Love Match reading for you to explore your compatibility.

When you see an old couple still holding hands in public after 50 years of marriage, they are most likely soul mates. Like I said, time will tell, and initial attraction and a passionate early phase of a relationship is no indication for being soulmates.

What is for sure is that your significant other will never leave you, because they don't love you any more, and vice versa. There can be many different reasons for a breakup, but the love between you would remain forever.

A soulmate relationship usually only happens once in a lifetime, and not everyone experiences one, but that doesn't mean you cannot have fulfilling relationships in your life. 

As you can see, there is no need to aspire to a soulmate relationship, when you can be with someone, who you can be equally happy with, perhaps even happier than you think.

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