Tuesday, 22 July 2014

30 Day Divination Picture Challenge Day 11 - Moss

divination picture challenge moss

At first glance, it's moss on a tree in woodland. But take a closer look at the hole in the tree. What can you see inside?

If you can see something really freaky and spooky, then you can see what I see :)

Honestly, this isn't photoshopped. I just took the picture at the time without realising....


Here's Day 10

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  1. Ohmygosh I wish I could enlarge it but I'm not smartphone-smart. I see what looks like a small skeleton curled up in a sitting up fetal pose, head turned toward us.

    1. So glad you can see it too! Not many people can. I've posted it on instagram, too, so perhaps you can enlarge it there? Or try double-clicking on the image, but I'm not smartphone-smart either ;)

  2. Saw it RIGHT away! Gives a new depth to "pictures capturing part of the soul". ;)


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