Friday, 2 May 2014

I am Your Fantasy

I am your fantasy,
your escape from reality.
You only know part of me,
my worst you will never see.

queen of cups vampyre tarot, i am your fantasy

One night a week
you embark on a trip of shame
to experience ecstasy
in a haven away from tedious fidelity.

two of wands vampyre tarot

Those few precious moments you live in the present,
a long way from homely mundanity
feeling the thrill of slow surrender,
drowning in the sea of love infinity.

the lovers vampyre tarot

Imagining a new life with the lover you hardly know,
except every inch of her body,
far away from judgement and false morality,
in a parallel universe, just you and me.

the sun vampyre tarot

Discarding all you once loved happily
in exchange for sexual alchemy.
Hoping for the flame to burn forever,
determined to fall from grace causing calamity.

queen of swords vampyre tarot, i am your fantasy

But stop. I am reminding you now, right here
that I am just your muse and fantasy.
Your temporary escape from reality.
I will never let you see the worst of me.

For one day the tides will turn, change on its way,
nothing ever stays the same,
turning fantasy into reality and a new mundanity
will be the end of you and me.

four of cups vampyre tarot

All images: Tarot of Vampyres, (c) Ian Daniels 2010, Llewellyn Publications

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  1. Wonderful! How beautifully written
    Did you pick the cards before or after writing the poem?

    1. Thanks, Ellen. The poem came to me when I was looking through the Vampyre deck. The images reminded me of taboo, co-dependent and forbidden love, and the words started appearing in my head. I then chose the images as the verses came along :)


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