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How to Manifest New Love with the Law of Attraction

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Wishful thinking...
“To spend your time wanting things is to smother your time for achieving things beyond your expectations.”
- Criss Jami

It's easy for any sceptic to ridicule the Law of Attraction (LOA) and dismiss it as yet another New Age fad.

The Secret was such a big hype promising wealth and whatever you want, yet in my opinion it attracted lots of money mainly for its author Rhonda Byrne.

People have been drawn to that book, because it sounds so easy and, to be honest, too good to be true.

And when something is too good to be true, you know that it probably is.

Yet, some wisdom can be found in LOA, which is - as usual - based on common sense. 

One of the theories behind LOA is that when you wish for something mindfully, your wish will be granted at one point. This is also called "cosmic ordering".

You set your intention, make it known to the universe and basically wait for it to happen.

That's the theory.

In real life, it doesn't work that way. You know that already, don't you?

You could wait for ages, keep thinking about it and grow more and more desperate when nothing happens.

But there is one tiny little trick you need to apply for your dreams to turn into reality (if at all!), which is highlighted in this allegory:

Imagine you enter a chicken coop, and you want to catch one of the chickens, but they all rush away from you.

The harder you try, the more difficult it becomes to catch any of them. All hell breaks loose in the chicken coop, and in the end you are exhausted.

it's what you do in your free time that will set you free or enslave you
But here is the alternative:

You enter the chicken coop with the intention to catch one of the chickens.

Rather than trying hard and chasing them, you just sit on a chair and do nothing except observing them.

After a short while, the hens become curious and come closer to you.

You gently start interacting with them, and soon one of them will be close enough for you to get hold of it.

Job done, no sweat, and your hairdo is still intact, too.

This story could have easily been told by any ancient prophet. Perhaps you find it in the Bible, I don't know, but it's not New Age, it's not over-hyped LOA - just simple, timeless wisdom.

This is how the law of attraction really works: you set your intention, and then let whatever you want come to you in its own time without getting stressed out over it.

When you try too hard, keep yearning for that new love to enter your life, it's unlikely to happen. And if it does, it's often not the kind of love you were hoping for. In this situation, people tend to accept second best to satisfy their neediness.

So...make your wish, but then let it go.

Forget about it. Don't think about it any further. Don't want it so badly. Don't be desperate. Don't try and force it to happen.

Make the conscious decision to be single for a while, nurture friendships instead of chasing after a relationship.

Turn your needy self into a free spirit. Raise your vibrations.

My experience is that when you are happy on your own, new love enters your life - unexpected, out of the blue.

But as soon as you are longing and yearning, forget it. It will only make you feel sad, frustrated and lonely. And those negative feelings create a negative vibe around you, which just makes it all worse.

“Desire is the kind of thing that eats you and leaves you starving.” 
- Nayyirah Waheed

Let go.

Be happy on your own.

Imagine being on your own for the rest of your life and love that idea.

Don't fear it. Accept it as something joyful and beautiful.

Enjoy your single life and waste no thoughts on when your next lover will show up. They will show up eventually, trust me.

Just let go.

Yes, it's more hard work than those glossy LOA books make it sound - embracing the unknown and the unwanted as a blessing rather than a curse.

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”
- William James

Warmest wishes,


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