Friday, 10 May 2013

Do The Hustle Tarot Spread
This is me in my flares
ready for the Tarot Hustle ;)
I rarely share YouTube videos on my blog, but the one you're about to see has blown my socks off, so you better watch it, too ;)

It's been created by Carrie Paris for World Tarot Day (25th May), and I discovered it on Jordan Hoggard's Google+ page today.

I never thought it was possible to combine Tarot with a dance move, but it works! And the spread is just fantastic.

Don't delay any longer, get groovy with the Tarot Hustle, and let me know what you think ;)


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  1. Excellent. The dance and the music reminded me of one of the dances I did to get my bronze Disco Dancing Medal many moons ago. Combined with a bit of Tarot, brilliant.

    1. I got a bronze dancing medal too when I was in my teens so many moons ago! Haha..the good old times ;) Glad you enjoyed the clip, Helen ;)

  2. Okay I absolutely LOVE that video! I'm going to learn that dance this weekend, it seems like even a bad dance can look good doing the hustle:) Finally I'll have some moves, hehe.

    1. Great! "As above, so below" has never been so funky ;) Enjoy learning the moves, Tia ;)


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