Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Feeling Alive

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle
Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle
 © Doreen Virtue 2003
I've been trapped in the house for the last five days by the snow. My car was hopelessly stuck in the nearby cul-de-sac; it's one of those useless cars with front-wheel drive, so it just didn't want to budge.

Today I decided I had to get out to go to the gym and do some grocery shopping. Needless to say, the car was stubbornly staying put on the snowy/icy surface of the road.

I had to get a shovel and dig it out. Gasp!

After a week of feeling cosy and comfy at home, I threw myself at the mercy of the adverse UK weather conditions. I even contemplated digging my car out - I've never done that before in my life!

To cut a long story short, I started off half-heartedly and wanted to give up after five minutes.

But a little voice told me not to give up, and I kept on digging and trying to move the car, got hot and sweaty along the way, but also more determined not to give up. By then, I was digging for victory.

And in the process I started to feel alive.

I realised that during the last five days I was just a little too comfy in my little bubble at home.

I needed a moment like this to wake up and feel my whole body move and work and sweat. Hell, I was on the way to the gym, and this dig was my warm-up!

I felt alive, because I had to overcome a challenge I've never had to deal with before. In the past, it would be  a job I'd pass on to the man in my life, but not today.

It took me half and hour and two Jehova's Witnesses (bless them!), who gave me the final push and set my car free.

It felt like waking up from a slumber, and I'm now thinking that we all need something every day that will make us feel alive.

No need for it to be anything out of this world; just an ordinary task or situation, which is experienced mindfully and consciously. 

The card above from Doreen Virtue's Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle has come up as a message regarding my experience today - a lesson learned, and it makes sense:

I was nearly giving up and going back into the house, but I decided not to quit. So many people give up on what they want to achieve without realising that with a little more effort they were just about to make it.

Sometimes you just need to hang in there a bit longer and keep going.

What has made you feel alive today? 

If you feel you need to get out of apathy, routine or even out of your comfort zone, why not ask the Tarot:

What can I do today to make me feel alive? 

Use the cards to encourage you to live life to the full. And please do let me know how it works for you. I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

Warmest wishes,


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  1. Oh Christiane, you've just become my hero!! I'm still tucked away inside and hoping for the day when the temperatures will go up. I've been way too inert these past few months.

    I do have a week off starting Friday and I intend to get some fresh air so there's hope ;-)

    Much love and blessings!

    1. Let's hope it will get warmer for your days off! I'll be on my way to Germany, we can both do with some serious sunshine now ;)

      Thanks for stopping by ;)

      Cosmic Blessings,

      Christiane x


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