Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Developing Your Intuition

developing your intuition high priestess tarot of quotes
Tarot of Quotes
As children we tend to rely very much on our instinct rather than knowledge and practical experience.

But over time we are gradually conditioned by society to base actions, thoughts and feelings on evidence and logic.

Now is a good time to remember the importance and power of intuition; when you have to make a split-second decision, you will most likely follow your instinct rather than logic and reason.

Using your intuition is also an important skill when reading the Tarot.

You may know lots of different meanings for all the cards, but which one is relevant in each reading you do depends on your intuition.

How intuitive are you?

There are some key rules to identify your current level of intuition:

1. You recognise an object with very little time to see it properly, usually less than a second.

Try flicking through magazines and recall afterwards the images you noticed. You can also look quickly at group photos of friends and family and identify afterwards specific people you noticed.

2. When you look at clouds, many images come to your mind.

Making creative associations through this kind of openness help you to generate new ideas and insights.

3. You can take in a scene quickly and recall details.

Look at a crowd scene and then look away. Ask yourself questions about details, perhaps individual actions, clothing, weather, surrrounding area, buildings etc. If your intuition works well, then you are not aware that you take in all this information. It all works 'automatically'.

How can you improve your intuition?

There are a few universal principles to help you develop this skill:

1. Become an expert

The more you know about a subject matter, the sharper your intuitive sense will be. So, the more you practise and read about tarot and absorb the information, the better your readings and accuracy will become over time.

This doesn't mean you have to memorise anything but simply pick up the information through practice, conversation or in written material and then let go.

This way you will automatically store knowledge in your unconscious and recall it later when you need it with the help of your intuition.

2. Pay attention to your feelings

Don't ignore that inner voice telling you that something is not quite right with the person or situation you are dealing with. Let go of trying to find 'evidence'. Instead just act according to how you feel.

3. Trust your intuition

Relax; it's not easy to reduce the input of a conscious mind, but regular exercise will help you improve.

Start a journal; record your dreams, don't doubt the validity of the messages that come through to you; be conscious of your environment and tune in.

Try pulling a tarot card at random and without hesitation come up with an instant message from the universe for yourself.

Avoid censoring your thoughts; in that moment you stop using your intuition. If nothing comes up, pull the next card. Keep going until something 'clicks' in your head and ideas start trickling.

4. Stay Healthy

Keep your energy clear; meditate, eat wholesome foods, get active and sleep well.

Regular fresh air activities will help you clear your head from distracting thoughts and become more receptive to more useful messages when they come through.

5. Observe the Moon Cycles

Discovery Tarot Course
The full moon is a powerful time for receiving intuitive messages. At this time also pay particular attention to your dreams.

Enjoy developing your intuition. After all, learning to trust your instincts will help you make the best decisions when stuck at a crossroads.

Warmest wishes,


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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cropping Tarot Decks

Sirian Starseed Tarot
Sirian Starseed Tarot © Patricia Cori 2012

I've got a new hobby: cutting up Tarot decks! Well, not really cutting them up (perhaps in the name of art or madness I will do that at a later stage...), but removing the distracting borders of the images.

In the photo above you can see my first victim: the Sirian Starseed Tarot, which had an irritating white border (check out my review of this deck with a "before" picture). 

What do you think?

If you haven't thought of cropping Tarot decks before, and you are considering it now, then go for it! I know it takes a little courage to start cutting your beloved cards, but trust me, you will like the result, especially if you own one of the following decks:

5. Vampyre Tarot (see the cropped images in Lisa's post at Love Dove Tarot, and enjoy her interesting Tarot spread too!)
6. Druid Animal Oracle
7. Cosmic Tarot

and of course the Sirian Starseed Tarot as above.

All you need is a paper guillotine and a corner cutter.

Are you a seasoned cropper? Get in touch and let us know of your successes as well as disasters. Which decks would you like to trim next? Let us know! Are you a beginner and wonder if your deck is suitable? Ask me before you mess it up :)

Changing your standard deck to borderless images can have quite an impact on your readings and offer you new perspectives.

Go on, have some fun and be creative :)


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