Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Reading

Tarot of Quotes
As promised in my previous post, here are the cards I have drawn last week for my New Moon reading.

In Tarot, Sagittarius is linked to Temperance, which indicates a need for balance, moderation, harmony, healing and spiritual growth. The card that came up right behind Temperance was the Fool.

Here in connection with Temperance, the Fool is suggesting to create balance and spiritual growth by starting afresh in areas in my life I have been feeling stuck for a while. The Fool is about being open and receptive to new opportunities without fear. Avoiding too much planning ahead and instead living in the here and now. Taking a leap of faith and trusting to be on the right path.

The next card I drew was the Lovers as my goal. The Lovers indicate a need to focus on relationships. Openness, honesty and clear thinking will create harmony and healing. Relationship issues need to be resolved once and for all. I know what I need to do ;)

What is the next step to take? To answer this question, I drew the Ten of Pentacles. Security and stability are important factors in a relationship, but with Temperance as an influencing energy, it is also important to combine traditional values with personal principles and needs. This can cause quite a stir ;) Blending conflicting needs and expectations will help to build and maintain strong emotional bonds. This in turn will lead to healing and abundance.

Knight of Wands' strengths (Temperance Persona card) to utilise to achieve goal: courageous, passionate, pro-active, confident, inspiring

Knight of Wands' weaknesses to avoid: Arguments, turmoil, recklessness

On the 28th December, the full moon will be in Cancer (Chariot, Queen of Cups); what will come to fruition at that time? You can do your own moon readings in 2013 with my Tarot Moon Journal.

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