Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Zodiac Card of the Month: Temperance

Temperance, Aquatic Tarot, www.aquatictarot.de
Temperance is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. If Sagittarius is either your sun or moon sign, then Temperance is one of your zodiac cards.

As a sun sign card, Temperance may reflect your conscious, expressive, outward, open personality; how you engage with people and the world around you.

As a moon sign card, Temperance reflects your unconscious, hidden, blocked personality traits, instincts and emotions; you feel them within.

Personality Traits associated with Temperance: 

 independent, charming, generous, self-expressive, adaptable, idealistic, spiritual, open-minded, sociable, good-natured, energetic

restless, argumentative, extremist, impatient, inconsistent, boastful, lack of concentration, over-confident, self-indulgent, tendency to gamble, preachy

Temperance/Sagittarius Life lessons:

  • finding life purpose as a guide, philosopher and law giver
  • working in harmony with the laws of life to find true freedom
  • learning to combine freedom with commitment
  • practising self-restraint and weighing up carefully which risks are worth taking
  • learning to balance  the need to travel, pursuit for knowledge and new experiences with providing stability for loved ones

The following Sagittarius correspondences also relate to Temperance:

Element: Fire
Season/Timing: Late Autumn (November 24 - December 21)
Ruling Planets: Jupiter (also associated with the Wheel of Fortune)
Stone: Turquoise, Amethyst
Key Word: Freedom
Key Phrase: I See

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