Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Sagittarius, Full Moon in Gemini

The Cosmic Tarot, Norbert Lösche
Cosmic Tarot, Norbert Lösche © 1988 F.X. Schmid
Tomorrow the energies of the full moon in Gemini (Lovers) together with the lunar eclipse will mingle with those of the current sun sign Sagittarius (Temperance). What do these two cards tell us about this astrological combination? What do we need to pay attention to at this time?

We have already experienced this combination in May this year, when the full moon was in Sagittarius with Gemini in the sun, and the emphasis at that time was about healing relationships.

Whilst Temperance is asking us to focus on moderation and harmony, the airy energy of the Lovers reminds us to strive for mental equilibrium. The key phrase is "mind over matter".

Temperance suggests a need to reduce, de-clutter and discard; less is more! Combined with the Lovers this may well relate to information overload. Are you getting carried away floating around the internet reading too much stuff about other people? All that random unimportant rubbish clearly serves no purpose to your life and well-being.
The Temperance/Lovers combination is asking you to
  • heal your way of thinking, and be more discerning about the information you are seeking and absorbing; avoid reality TV and celebrity gossip trash in favour of what inspires your creative potential. 
  • slow down, even when the collective madness of the world around you is speeding up; let go of those constant status updates, Twitter feeds and other mind-cluttering titbits bombarding your smart phone. Instead, enjoy listening to classical music, have a calming bath, light some candles and other sensory pleasures that help you clear your mind from excess clutter. 
  • reduce your anxiety levels, which may be raised at the time of the Gemini full moon. In Tarot, Gemini is also linked to the Nine of Swords, which is associated with worries and fears. Keep anything at bay that induces or increases feelings of anxiety, which can keep you from making the right connections that help you move forward, evolve or understand the bigger picture. 
  • play and be creative. Find productive projects that utilise your mental energy, intellect and imagination. Best to be shared with family, friends and in social circles - playing games, cooking, crafting, telling stories.
The Temperance/Lovers energy combination can help you focus on mental clarity and free thinking. Collaborate with others rather than compete. Strive for new knowledge that aids health, rejuvenation and personal transformation.
How will you take advantage of the Temperance/Lovers energy mix this month? Do you feel you need a break from media overload and social networking to clear your thoughts and create more space for healthier and more grounded activities?
This week seems like an ideal time for a serious mind detox ;)

Enjoy! It will do you good.
Warmest wishes,


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