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Meet Your Shadow

meet your shadow oracle of quotes
Welcome to the Samhain Blog Hop.

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Samhain is an ancient Celtic festival that was celebrated on the first day of November and marked the beginning of winter and also the Celtic New Year.

As you can imagine, in the olden days this would be a dark and cold time; no wonder our ancestors would be thinking about death, ghosts and sheer survival during the harsh winter months ahead.

Today, we celebrate Halloween on the eve of the 31 October, which nowadays marks the start of the party season up to Christmas.

But if you would like to commemorate Samhain in a more contemplative way, then this year you may want to explore your dark - shadow - side, and what better way to do it than with a Tarot deck?

What is your Shadow?

It's that aspect of your personality you prefer to keep hidden. Weaknesses you'd rather ignore, blocked personality traits you dislike or may be seen as inappropriate by society; desires, fears, secrets, latent talents, suppressed emotions, your dark side.

At Samhain, the evening of Halloween, prepare to meet your Shadow and face it. Uncover and explore your hidden and true self. Acknowledge it, embrace it, make friends with it, release it or turn it into something positive.

Identify your Shadow Zodiac Card

First, meet your Shadow by selecting the opposing zodiac of your sun sign:

Emperor (Aries) – Justice (Libra)
Hierophant (Taurus) – Death (Scorpio)
Lovers (Gemini) – Temperance (Sagittarius)
Chariot (Cancer) – Devil (Capricorn)
Strength (Leo) – Star (Aquarius)
Hermit (Virgo) - Moon (Pisces)

For example, if Scorpio is your sun sign, then Taurus is your opposing zodiac, and the Hierophant is your shadow card.

Before you move on to the next step, explore your shadow card in more detail:

What does it say about your hidden personality, your fears, weaknesses and so forth? Explore the challenging aspects of the card. Which ones resonate with you?

Your Shadow is uncharted territory. And just like real shadows, it fluctuates, changes shape, becomes larger or smaller. Different shadow aspects come through at different times and in different situations.

For your Samhain exploration, pull two more cards that will focus on a particular aspect in relation to your zodiac shadow card and a task that may help you overcome or at least integrate that aspect into your life more comfortably.

Here's the spread:

1. Your Shadow Zodiac Card (see above)
2. What particular aspect do you need to focus on at this moment in time?
3. What can you do to make a positive change?

I invite you to take a glimpse into my Shadow world:

As a Pisces, my shadow zodiac card is the Hermit, which is also my personality card. What do these cards reveal to you about me that I would rather keep hidden?

Have fun exploring your Shadow and dark side with this simple spread.

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  1. And, serendipitously seamless synchromesh of a segue strikes! I just finished working with a spread (long-term). . . looked up so to speak as to the next thing I wanted to explore, and it was that there is an intensity to Gemini women I interact with where . . . Shadow staring me matter-of-factly directly in the eye in a very living way, like their pupils themselves are magical-moment eclipses . . . and then you have this 1 2 3 spread where I stare across the zodiac directly at Gemini from my Sag. Thank You! Shuffled whole deck after pulling out The Lovers for card #1 for Gemini to my Sag
    ~ 1. VII The Lovers
    ~ 2. I The Magician
    ~ 3. XV The Devil
    Well, this spread certainly didn't play around, huh?! Better tell myself to buckle up and hang on as I work this spread. Thanks Mucho, Christiane.

    I really appreciate the way you commemorated the shadow across your blog, and the spread feels like a great and strong step for some straight-up Shadow Sandbox Process. Thx.

    1. Wow, Jordan, seemed you had a bit of an epiphany there ;) A very long time ago I dated (unbeknown to me at the time) my own Shadow, a Virgo. It didn't work out...I wonder why? :D You've inspired me to research and write a new post about dating your Shadow. Thank you so much, Jordan!

  2. Thanks so much for your perspective, Christiane! As a sun sign Scorpio, I have embraced my own shadow by naming my business "Hierophant Tarot". :)

    1. That's a good point, John! I think as Tarot readers we do tend to illuminate what's hidden - the shadow aspects of our clients (and ourselves)- rather than what's out in the open, so I think your business name is very apt. Thanks for stopping by ;)

  3. Ah, thank you for bringing the astrology connection. I will be meditating on The Lovers / Gemini as my shadow. I've come to think of the healing work we need to do with The Lovers card as integrating our inner masculine and feminine selves. I can see that some shadow work here would be fruitful. Thank you!

    1. Glad you find the astrology connection useful, Carolyn. And shadow work with your opposing Zodiac card can indeed offer great potential for healing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ;)

  4. I am also a Hermit shadow card. Fascinating spread. I will have to do this one as well.

    1. Hi Arwen, must admit there are so many fantastic spreads on offer on this Blog Hop! I have certainly taken notes and do hope that Blog Hop readers will discover them all for their benefits.

  5. My shadow is The Star ....thank you for this, I'll need to take time and explore this, Christiane.

    BTW - love your Shadow illustration and quote ;-)

    Ali x

    1. Thanks, Ali ;) The Star is an interesting card to have as a Shadow. Enjoy your exploration ;)

  6. Mine is Scorpio - same as my Ascendant; no one's going to find out what I'm hiding...!

    1. Haha...many secrets...that's Scorpio for you ;)

  7. My shadow card is Death...a card that keeps on coming up.

    1. hmmm...I wonder what a recurring shadow card could signify...does it make any sense to you, Alison? Thanks for sharing ;)

  8. Oh yeah, dating your shadow. My Dear One is a Sag, and I have to say I think it's the best relationship I've ever had. Perhaps because he has just enough of all my shadow bits to relate to, and yet expresses them so differently, challenging me to embrace rather than reject them.

    Love your shadow card and quote, Christiane, and the simple depths of your spread :)

    1. Thanks, Chloe ;) Great insight about dating your Shadow...it doesn't have to be bad! Indeed, your Shadow can be your best teacher and creator of balance in your relationship. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love your card, Christiane. It looks all innocent at the outset, then we see the gargoyle and the stairs to we know not where... lovely!

    1. Thank you, Kerry, so glad you like the card ;)


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