Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Zodiac Card of the Month: Justice

Justice is associated with the zodiac sign Libra. If Libra is either your sun or moon sign, then Justice is one of your zodiac cards.

As a sun sign card, Justice may reflect your conscious, expressive, outward, open personality; how you engage with people and the world around you.

As a moon sign card, Justice reflects your unconscious, hidden, blocked personality traits, instincts and emotions; you feel them within.

Personality Traits associated with Justice: 

 balanced judgement, mentally, active, self-expressive, communicative, diplomatic, a need for unity with others, easy going

indecisiveness, sentimental, changeable, lack of confidence, sometimes too easy going, vengeful

Justice/Libra Life lessons:
  • striving for harmony and balance without being indecisive
  • acknowledging truth and live with integrity
  • creating harmony in relationships
  • expressing grace and beauty through artistic endeavours
  • avoid cruelty and need for revenge when feeling angry or hurt
  • nurturing firm but fair leadership skills

The following Libra correspondences also relate to Justice:

Element: Air
Season/Timing: Early Autumn (September 22 - October 23)
Ruling Planet: Venus (also associated with the Empress and the Hierophant)
Stone: Jade, Emerald
Key Word: Harmony
Key Phrase: I Balance

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