Monday, 27 August 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Virgo, Full Moon in Pisces

We have come to the time of year, when the zodiac wheel has turned and the combined sun/full moon energies are repeated, just flipped over. For example, we have already experienced the Pisces/Virgo combination back in March, but then is was the Pisces sun combined with the Virgo full moon. Although it is the same mix, the energies shift.

The forthcoming full moon in Pisces on the 31 August is also the second full moon this month, a rare occurrence called a blue moon. Because it is in Pisces, it will be a powerful moon, likely to create shifts on an emotional and psychological level.

The full moon in Pisces (Moon) encourages us to be more in tune on an intuitive level with our environment and the people we engage with. We become more 'aware' without 'knowing', it can leave us unsure, but we need to learn to trust our senses for now to make wise choices.

Combined with the sun in Virgo (Hermit) we will be experiencing a positive and beneficial energy combination. Whilst the Virgo/Hermit energies encourage us to go inward to seek higher knowledge and wisdom on a more spiritual level, the Pisces/Moon energies will be a supportive influence, which can lead to a shift in our consciousness. Old patterns of beliefs, habits and attitudes may change, it can be transformational, and it will feel good!

You may find that you
  • become more understanding and caring of others rather than being quick to criticise or condemn
  • turn self-pity and resignation into willpower and enthusiasm for life
  • confront difficult situations with courage rather than fear
  • become more aware of your abilities rather than feeling insecure
  • avoid crowds of people in preference of solitude and quiet introspection

The forthcoming combination of the Virgo/Hermit sun with the Pisces/Moon full moon is one to embrace and cherish. Make sure you tune in and let its energies work some magick on your mind and spirit.


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  1. This is so interesting - thank you for sharing! I'm definitely going to be more aware of how I'm feeling as this blue moon approaches. Seems like a great time to go within and get in touch with my soul. :)


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