Monday, 30 July 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius

On the 2nd August, the energy mix of the Leo sun and Aquarius full moon will culminate and offer us the opportunity to renew, build and strengthen our faith and confidence in ourselves, our hopes, beliefs and ultimately our future.

In Tarot terms we will experience a liberating Strength/Star combination, which is beneficial in helping us to let go of people, situations and beliefs that have a negative influence on us.

With the Sun in Leo (Strength) over the last couple of weeks, you may have felt the need to express your creative urges, feed your passions and assert yourself in relationships with people in both public/professional and private areas of your life. At times it may have felt hard to persevere; you may have questioned your abilities and lacked confidence. Despite talent and knowing deep down you are on the right path, it can be hard to be consistent without trying to force or rush issues.

The full moon in Aquarius (Star) will give you a welcome boost to assert yourself with confidence with eye-opening and liberating new insights.

The positive energies of the sun Leo/Strength and moon Aquarius/Star combination can be used to:

  • step forward with conviction and take action
  • gain a new perspective and have the courage to stand up for yourself
  • free yourself from restrictive thoughts and beliefs
  • acknowledge you can't control everything, and that's okay
  • become more independent in areas where you are too attached and needy
  • focus on innovation - rather than conforming to the crowd, do something completely different
  • be gentle but firm; only agree to a compromise if you don't feel you lose out
  • let go of negative people; you cannot get it right for everybody, and you don't have to

I love the Strength/Star energies that are coming into my life over the forthcoming days. They can be beneficial for all of us.

What will you be focusing on over the next couple of days? How will you make use of the Leo/Aquarius energies? What further insights does the image combination of Strength and the Star hold for you?

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  1. Thank you for this very timely post! This is exactly what I need. I have really tried to hustle my way in my business and I need to find a good balance between putting a lot of focused energy into my business and letting go of controlling the outcome. It's tricky but it looks like I will get some help : ).

    And I feel like being really creative and trying out new things!

    Big hugs, Karina

    1. The August full moon energies will just be perfect for developing business ;) Thanks for stopping by, Karina ;)

  2. *soft smile* - hopefully, I'll be focussing on resting, relaxing and recovering from the stress of the past year as I head off on a short holiday.

    And then, when I get back, there are SO MANY business ideas I have to play with that my head is literally buzzing.

    So I guess that's my letting go AND my rebuilding all in one, right?

    1. I think a short holiday is always good for you, Tanja. You'll be coming back relaxed, refreshed and ready to buzz ;) x

  3. I'm excited about this full moon and what it's bringing. I'm going to focus on creating things that are imbued with me-ness!

  4. As a Leo I feel like this is really the time for me to step up and really take the next step in my business. I'm so excited to get in touch with this energy!

  5. The Aquarius moon really complements Leo personalities; it's a very creative energy combination ;)


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