Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Transit of Venus

The Empress © Cathy McClelland
Everyone is talking about it; not just geeky stargazers and new age astrologers, but even the BBC is broadcasting a program tonight about this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. But what exactly is it? And what does it mean for us?

Today and tomorrow, Venus will pass directly between the earth and the sun. If you have suitable protective eye wear, you could see a small dark spot slowly moving along the sun's surface. Although this happened back in 2004, the next Venus Transit will not occur until 2117.

Astronomers are beavering away right now; with new technology they want to measure the exact size of Venus, its components and ultimately answer the question, if there is other life out there in our solar system.

We already know that unlike Earth, the climate on Venus is like hell: temperatures of around 700 degrees Celsius, high in carbon dioxide (creating this super greenhouse effect) seas of lava...but at the same time its composition is most similar to our planet, just in different measures. Shame! After all, in astrology Venus is regarded as the planet of love, beauty and harmony, and these joyful energies are coming home to us over the next 48 hours.

In Tarot, Venus is associated with the Empress. After the intense full moon in Sagittarius yesterday, our efforts to harmonise and heal our relationships will be getting that extra boost by Venus's presence close to Earth.

Making Use of the Venus Transit Energies

If you would like to manifest the positive energies of the Venus Transit together with the Empress, choose your favourite Empress image from your deck collection, place it on your altar, mantelpiece or in any prominent place, where it can be easily seen, and focus your thoughts on your intentions when you look at it. Light a candle (pink or green would be good) next to your Empress card tonight and tomorrow evening to intensify your focus on love, healing and harmony. You can also place Rose Quartz by your Empress, if you love crystals and have one to hand.

If you like, you can also draw a card to answer the question: How can I bring healing and harmony into my relationships with others (or with yourself, if you feel you need to practice self-nurturing) at this moment in time?

My choice of card for the Venus in Transit event has to be the Empress of the most beautiful and evocative Star Tarot (see image above). Which one is yours?

May the current cosmic energies bring you love, healing and harmony!


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  1. This is so interesting! I've heard a little about this but not much, so I really appreciate this information - thank you!

    1. My pleasure, Gin, lovely to see you here ;)

  2. Lovely post, Christiane! That's one of my favourite Empress cards too and I'm picky as this is my Soul Card :) Right now though, I'd go with the Incidental Tarot Empress as my favourite... all dressed in second chakra orange. I might take you up on your suggestion and place this card on my altar... it's a great idea!

    1. Thank you, Lisa ;) I'm not familiar with the Incidental Tarot, but managed to find its Empress image on the web. It is a lovely bright sunny card indeed. In fact, I do like the deck a lot; thanks for pointing me to it ;)

  3. Rats. Not only an informative post but a shiny new Tarot deck I'm not familiar with. :D That's a lovely Empress. A current fave of mine is from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. She's renamed her as the Gardener.

    1. I'm glad I have introduced you to the Star Tarot, Arwen, and the Gaian Gardener is radiant, a great choice! Thank you for posting ;)


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