Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Gemini, Full Moon in Sagittarius

Lovers, Temperance Aquatic Tarot © Andreas Schröter  
The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 4th June will be special; at the same time, a Lunar eclipse will take place, and the combination of the Lovers/Temperance energies together with a Lunar eclipse indicates the need to face shadow aspects of the way we conduct our relationships. This can be highly emotional, passionate and unsettling, but also cleansing, healing and rebalancing.

Eclipse energy tends to initiate movement; issues or situations will be resolved, concluded or let go of, but in the Sagittarius Full Moon this should be good news.

Both Tarot cards relating to the Gemini/Sagittarius combination depict angels; the Temperance Archangel Michael is protecting and illuminating, while the Lovers' Archangel Raphael helps with healing and reconciliation (see also Tarot & Angels). We are blessed with angelic healing energies.

The Lovers/Temperance combination of air and fire is a friendly one; even if a relationship came to an end at this time, it would be for the best, and we'd know it.

The focus of the forthcoming Gemini/Sagittarius/Lunar Eclipse will be on healing relationships. This can include:

  • coming to terms with and resolving conflict 
  • be open-minded about new ideas and perceptions; they will initiate movement and progress
  • choose to be with someone, who values and appreciates you
  • making choices that are healthy and healing
  • a relationship or situation comes to an end, or there is final closure
  • honest and open communication
  • make choices that are loving towards yourself
  • let go of unrealistic expectations; be more flexible and tolerant
  • Relax, forgive and heal.

What to avoid: over-analysing, being controlling, stubborn, narrow-minded, selfish and stuck in your ways.

Enjoy the forthcoming full moon, and be mindful about using its energies towards harmonising, rebalancing and healing your most precious and important relationships - and yourself!


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  1. I can certainly relate to something of those things you've outlined ...I'm experiencing some big realisations about myself and my life at the moment, which I trust are very much about healing my relationship with myself. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Samantha, yes, this is certainly the right time to nurture a healthy relationship with yourself. Thank you for your comment, lovely to see you here ;)

      Christiane x

  2. Resolving conflict (with myself) and making healthy, healing choices both sound like good goals *wanders off to prepare a full moon ritual* :)

    1. That's wonderful Chloe ;) It can be helpful to get prompts like this to pause and explore what would be good for us at this moment in time. Enjoy your ritual, and hopefully we can get a glimpse of the full moon through those thick clouds ;)


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