Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tarot Astrology: Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus

Hierophant, Death
Aquatic Tarot © Andreas Schröter
The full moon in Scorpio will be opposite the Taurus sun on 6th May this year. Astronomically, this will also be the largest full moon of the year as it will be closest to the earth. In Tarot terms, we will experience the intense energy combination of the contented earthy Hierophant (Taurus) and the deeply feeling, emotional Death (Scorpio).

On the one hand, we may feel grounded and secure, but beneath the surface intense feelings may be brooding - passion, desire, elation, sorrow - we will need to make sense of emotional needs we are suddenly  confronted with, and let them unravel and be expressed with integrity.

Taurus loves simplicity, structure, routine and engagement with people on a straight-forward level. Put Scorpio into the mix, and we are faced with the desire to get deeper on an emotional level, which will make our interactions with people a little more complicated.

The Hierophant/Taurus energy can be superficial at times, but Death/Scorpio is emotionally intense; we will feel the need to read between the lines, to question our limiting habits and fears and seek passion and intimacy. Power issues may arise, and we are urged to uncover our own inner power rather than succumbing to helplessness and despondency.

The full moon in Scorpio combined with the sun in Taurus energy is a benevolent combination, and it has the potential to be transforming and regenerative, but perhaps not entirely without discomfort. Use this powerful energy to:

  • getting rid of old things
  • stop unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking alcohol
  • work on resolving intimacy issues
  • any kind of research
  • psychic, psychological work and self-examination
  • assessment and review of your spending and finances
  • letting go and moving on from past issues
  • transform negativity or make a clean break

What to avoid: brooding, making assumptions, manipulation, suspicions, surrendering to doubts and fears

The Death/Scorpio full moon may reveal some painful emotions, but they can lead to moving out of stagnation towards positive change, which will be grounded in the earthy security of the Hierophant/Taurus sun. A great chance for spiritual cleansing, healing and renewal by facing your demons without fear.

How are you making use of the Taurus/Scorpio energies this week? What additional insights does the Hierophant/Death combination on the image above offer you?

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  1. I can imagine quite a tension between these two. The Hierophant is often about structure and hierarchy, whereas Death is about the breakdown of hierarchy and the ending of something that may have provided structure in our life. So, a rather push-me-pull-you energy between them, as I see it. Should I let go, should I move to a different structure? Very interesting post! Thanks, Christiane.

    1. You have perfectly summed up the tense energies of this card combination; I do look forward to the forthcoming full moon; I can already feel some emotional purging taking place ;) Thank you for your comment, Inner Whispers ;)


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