Friday, 6 April 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Aries, Full Moon in Libra

Justice, Emperor (King's Journey Tarot) © Chanel Bayless
I have already examined the Emperor as zodiac card of the month, and as it is associated with Aries, the current ruling sun sign, we may all feel its urge to be more spontaneous and initiate changes or new ventures in our lives.

With Spring and warmer weather on the way, we may even be bold enough to take risks with little regard for possible consequences.

The Full Moon in Libra may stop pioneering Aries in its tracks. Whilst we have the desire to charge forward and fulfil our needs under the Aries influence, Libra (Justice) acts as our conscience and makes us plan ahead.

We may be torn between choices, weighing up our options more carefully before making decisions. This could result in some awkward moments: the Emperor's (Aries) fiery passion reigned in by Justice's (Libra) airy reasoning; emotional drama or frustrated by limitations.

But being aware of the current Aries/Libra influence, we have the chance to strive for harmony. After all, fire and air signs do complement each other. At this time you will fare better, if you think before you speak or make that impulse purchase.

 Libra may well stop you from embarrassment or wasting your money. The Aries/Libra energies may also encourage extrovert people to withdraw, and introvert people to be more outgoing. These energies are all about creating balance.

Look after yourself, but also be considerate of others; this applies to your private as well as working life. Take the lead, be pro-active, but at the same time be fair, objective and composed at times of tension or crisis. The Libra/Aries energies may also help you to resolve relationship issues with your heart and mind.

How do you feel the current Libra/Aries energy is affecting you? Take a look at Justice and the Emperor; what special message do they offer you at this time of the year?

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