Monday, 23 April 2012

The Power of Faith

I was pondering Faith the other day. Not faith in a particular religion, but faith in yourself, the people you depend on, nature, the universe, the Wheel of Life and whatever higher force you believe in.

Nurturing your faith is letting go of control, which quite often can be a heavy burden lifted off one's shoulders. We cannot control everything around us. When I let go of control and just have faith that all will be well despite uncertainties, I feel a sense of relief and lightness coming over me.

When something doesn't quite work out the way I want it to be, then faith helps me to acknowledge its purpose and value, which I will discover at some point.

Mind you, faith goes hand in hand with doubt, but it's also accompanied by trust. Nurturing your faith and trust will weaken doubts and fears, which many people suffer from today, and I think that's why the above quote spoke to me when I read it.

Perhaps its message will inspire you too to relinquish control and just flow with faith not only to alleviate life's burdens but also have the courage to pursue your path with conviction and optimism.


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  1. How very true! Very Hanged Man, Christiane!

    Ali x

    1. I never thought of the Hanged Man in connection with faith; I usually associate the Star with faith, but I can see your point: letting go of control..that's definitely the Hanged Man. Looking at it more closely, there seems to be an interesting connection between the Hanged Man and the Star...worthwhile exploring... Thank you for sharing your interesting thought and making me think about this, Ali ;) x


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