Friday, 27 April 2012

Introducing: The Tarot of Quotes

A couple of weeks ago I started creating my own Tarot deck based on my life, the places I have visited and how I see the world around me. It's a personal project using my own photography and inspirational quotes from famous (and not so famous) people, that have influenced me over the years.

My aim is to complete the Major Arcana by Summer 2012 and make it available as a download. So far I have already created five Major Arcana cards, and on the left you can see my Magician.

Over the coming weeks I will share with you more images, and if you are interested, why not subscribe to my blog via RSS or email.

Have a great weekend,


Update June 2013: My Tarot deck is taking shape. Please view all the images created so far in the Tarot of Quotes Gallery. And you can download them, too!

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tarot & Quotes: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man, Pearls of Wisdom Tarot
© 2011 Roxi Sim
"It is easy to create new things, change places or do something different. To keep that sense of newness that creates enthusiasm is more difficult. The secret of newness in life is not to do new things constantly, but to see everything you do with new eyes, new insights and a new perspective." -

When I recently came across the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot by artist Roxi Sim, I was enchanted by its vibrant artwork and the abundant symbolism in the cards. The Hanged Man embodies spiritual consciousness, and I can feel it in this image, where brown leaves are falling from the tree suggesting the shedding of old patterns and outdated ideas in order to gain a new perspective; surrender and sacrifice for a higher gain.

The snake watching down from the top of the tree suggests transformation and rebirth, whereas the owl in the bottom right corner symbolises wisdom - wisdom gained through transformation. I could go on describing all the many magical details of this image, but instead I would like you to discover this rather beautiful deck for yourself by visiting Roxi's website, and even purchase it here.

Furthermore, a stunning limited edition Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Kit will be available in Autumn 2012. To find out more and to be notified in advance of its publication date, please visit Pearls of Wisdom Healing Experience.

"Sometimes it is necessary to let go only to see if there was anything worth holding on to."

"No object is mysterious.The mystery is your eye." - Elizabeth Bowen, The House in Paris, 1935

"The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself". - Henry Miller

"When we grow in spiritual consciousness, we identify with all that is in the world -- there is no exploitation. It is ourselves we're helping, ourselves we're healing." - Dr. V (Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy)

"Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box." - Deepak Chopra

“Self-sacrifice? But it is precisely the self that cannot and must not be sacrificed.”Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead 

What do you need to give up in order to make progress? Do you need to take time out to gain clarity? What thoughts and beliefs do you need to change in order to transform your life? 

If you have a favourite quote that you associate with the Hanged Man, then please post it in the comment box below.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Power of Faith

I was pondering Faith the other day. Not faith in a particular religion, but faith in yourself, the people you depend on, nature, the universe, the Wheel of Life and whatever higher force you believe in.

Nurturing your faith is letting go of control, which quite often can be a heavy burden lifted off one's shoulders. We cannot control everything around us. When I let go of control and just have faith that all will be well despite uncertainties, I feel a sense of relief and lightness coming over me.

When something doesn't quite work out the way I want it to be, then faith helps me to acknowledge its purpose and value, which I will discover at some point.

Mind you, faith goes hand in hand with doubt, but it's also accompanied by trust. Nurturing your faith and trust will weaken doubts and fears, which many people suffer from today, and I think that's why the above quote spoke to me when I read it.

Perhaps its message will inspire you too to relinquish control and just flow with faith not only to alleviate life's burdens but also have the courage to pursue your path with conviction and optimism.


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Friday, 20 April 2012

Zodiac Card of the Month: The Hierophant

The Hierophant is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. If Taurus is either your sun or moon sign, then the Hierophant is one of your zodiac cards.

As a sun sign card, the Hierophant may reflect your conscious, expressive, outward, open personality; how you engage with people and the world around you.

As a moon sign card, the Hierophant reflects your unconscious, hidden, blocked personality traits, instincts and emotions; you feel them within.

Personality Traits associated with the Hierophant: 

Positive: Stable, dependable, traditional, practical, tenacious, warm-hearted, persistent, determined, placid, constructive

Negative: complacent, inflexible, stubborn, possessive, self-indulgent, greedy,  resentful, jealous, self-centred, inertia

Taurus Life lessons:
  • enjoy the simple gifts in life
  • balance worldly security with internal serenity
  • be open to change and adapt to new ways
  • release your past and move forward through forgiveness
  • develop values of a spiritual rather than material nature

The following Taurus correspondences also relate to the Hierophant:

Element: Earth
Season/Timing: Spring (April 21st - May 21st)
Ruling Planet: Venus (also associated with the Empress)
Stone: Emerald
Key Word: Possessions
Key Phrase: I Have

You can order your in-depth Tarot Personality Profile reading on my website.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

When Love is Lost - Tips on How to Recover from a Break-Up

Relationships break down for many reasons. From the briefest of affairs to a long-term relationship, as long as your heart was in it and you expected it to last, you are likely to feel the emotional pain, an overwhelming sense of loss that can pull you into a state of depression unless you have the determination and willpower to heal from this experience and move on.

As a Tarot reader I often get asked questions like "Will he come back to me?" and "Will he get in touch again?" 

The answer is most often *no", sometimes "perhaps", and even if it was "yes", what are you going to do in the meantime?


Putting your life on hold? 

Being miserable? 

Counting the days?  

Turn into Miss Haversham?

Or would you rather get on with your life without the cretin, who broke your heart, embark on a new exciting adventure and find new love along the way?

If you have the urge to ask the above questions, then it may reveal the following about you: the break-up happened recently, you feel hurt and are on a low, and most likely you haven't moved on yet. You may even be hopeful to get some good news, positive answers to your questions, but rather than asking questions that hold you back in the past, here are some more empowering ways to help you overcome your heartache and get back on track towards new and positive opportunities ahead:

1. Accept it's over. He won't call, and he won't be coming back again (and if in the unlikely event he did, then that would be an interesting surprise!). Acceptance creates clarity, and you regain power over the situation, rather than letting him control you with the decision he's made. Yes, the ending is a blow, you miss him, but the world is still spinning, which is good news after all.

2. Try not to remember the good times you shared; this can be deceptive, and it can hold you back in the past. After all, your relationship broke down for a reason, and that reason (or even more than one) wasn't the lovely times you shared and the fun you had together. Instead, let your logic work out what went wrong. Remind yourself of the bad times and quarrels you had. After a while you will realise the ending was for the best, and it makes sense.

3. You need to focus on a positive future ahead. Every minute of the day you need to remind yourself that you will be happy again, and that new love will enter your life again in good time. Do something every day, that cheers you up and makes you feel good.

4. Avoid succumbing to negative thoughts and self-pity. If you find yourself regressing into depressive thoughts and memories of your lost relationship, stop there and then and ask yourself to postpone thinking about it until a more convenient time later in the day. Set a specific time, and keep those moments short, perhaps 5 - 10 minutes at the most.This is a tried and tested psychological tool; you don't ignore your issues, but at the same time you restrict the amount of negative thinking. Gradually those moments will get shorter and become less frequent, and you will start feeling better.

5. Learn to read Tarot cards! This is a magical opportunity to heal yourself through your grieving process with the help of the Tarot. Self-development and spiritual growth at times of adversity are the greatest gifts you can give yourself and will always be an enlightening legacy borne out of a negative experience.

There is no need to spend lengthy time of study to get almost immediate results; you can make a start with my eBook Empowering Messages from the Tarot, in which you will even find a link to download free Tarot card images for personal use. Start using the cards by pulling a card every day to answer the following question: What can I do today to help me heal and move on?

If you feel you want to invest more time into your Tarot studies, then you can also opt for personal online tuition. If you are going through a rough emotional time and want my Tarot Beginner's course to help you, then please let me know, and we can adapt the course accordingly. That's the beauty of personal, flexible, tailor-made tuition to suit your needs. You will discover that Tarot can be a great self-help, therapeutic and healing tool.

Last but not least, of course if you feel you need compassionate but impartial advice about your situation, then please do request a reading. It does help to get an insightful and empowering message into your inbox at emotionally difficult times. It may very well help you to start feeling better and get back on track.

Warmest wishes,


Please check out this wonderful video about how to get over "being dumped"; if you are in this position at the moment, you will find it helpful:

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Inspirational Message for the Weekend

If you feel you need to do something new, something different...sometimes we just need to have a little encouragement to bring excitement and adventure back into our lives. Perhaps this message is just for you...follow the bird...;)

Feel free to share this image (unaltered) on the web. Have a great weekend!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wishing You A Fantabulous Easter!

Here at Cosmic HQ we're already enjoying our Easter treats. Remember, if your chocolate melts in your hand, you're eating it too slowly!

Enjoy your weekend,


Friday, 6 April 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Aries, Full Moon in Libra

Justice, Emperor (King's Journey Tarot) © Chanel Bayless
I have already examined the Emperor as zodiac card of the month, and as it is associated with Aries, the current ruling sun sign, we may all feel its urge to be more spontaneous and initiate changes or new ventures in our lives.

With Spring and warmer weather on the way, we may even be bold enough to take risks with little regard for possible consequences.

The Full Moon in Libra may stop pioneering Aries in its tracks. Whilst we have the desire to charge forward and fulfil our needs under the Aries influence, Libra (Justice) acts as our conscience and makes us plan ahead.

We may be torn between choices, weighing up our options more carefully before making decisions. This could result in some awkward moments: the Emperor's (Aries) fiery passion reigned in by Justice's (Libra) airy reasoning; emotional drama or frustrated by limitations.

But being aware of the current Aries/Libra influence, we have the chance to strive for harmony. After all, fire and air signs do complement each other. At this time you will fare better, if you think before you speak or make that impulse purchase.

 Libra may well stop you from embarrassment or wasting your money. The Aries/Libra energies may also encourage extrovert people to withdraw, and introvert people to be more outgoing. These energies are all about creating balance.

Look after yourself, but also be considerate of others; this applies to your private as well as working life. Take the lead, be pro-active, but at the same time be fair, objective and composed at times of tension or crisis. The Libra/Aries energies may also help you to resolve relationship issues with your heart and mind.

How do you feel the current Libra/Aries energy is affecting you? Take a look at Justice and the Emperor; what special message do they offer you at this time of the year?

Warmest wishes,


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Monday, 2 April 2012

Tarot & Quotes: The Empress

© Michelle Kelly
"I shall never forget my mother, for it was she who planted and nurtured the first seeds of good within me. She opened my heart to the lasting impressions of nature; she awakened my understanding and extended my horizon and her percepts exerted an everlasting influence upon the course of my life." Immanuel Kant

When I first saw the Empress of  Photographer/Artist Michelle Kelly's Tarot deck, I immediately thought of motherhood and nature, which are both perfectly blended in this stunning image. The Journey on the Evolution of Becoming Tarot deck is still a work in progress, but the Major Arcana has been completed, and will be available as a limited edition print run, if sufficient funding has been raised. Would you like to back this very promising project? You can do so here:

A Photo Based Tarot Journey on the Evolution on Becoming

Michelle is also looking for a more suitable name for her Tarot deck and is open to suggestions. If you have any ideas, maybe you can help with that, too.

The Empress symbolises the archetypal mother, bearer of life and nurturer, who is in tune with nature. Her pivotal role makes her a powerful figure, who rules with love and compassion. She reminds us to stay connected with Mother Earth, bring beauty and pleasure into our lives, and fulfil our creative potential.

"Everybody knows that a good mother gives her children a feeling of trust and stability. She is their earth. She is the one they can count on for the things that matter most of all. She is their food and their bed and the extra blanket when it grows cold in the night; she is their warmth and their health and their shelter; she is the one they want to be near when they cry. She is the only person in the whole world in a whole lifetime who can be these things to her children. There is no substitute for her. Somehow even her clothes feel different to her children's hands from anybody else's clothes. Only to touch her skirt or her sleeve makes a troubled child feel better." Katharine Butler Hathaway

What does motherhood mean to you? In which way has your mother influenced your life? Do you need to reconnect with Mother Nature? Which creative projects would you like to pursue?

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