Sunday, 4 March 2012

Walk on the Bright Side

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After the first signs of Spring, the weather in Leeds has returned to its miserable self today; the overcast sky and the sleety rain showers shroud the rooms at Cosmic HQ into semi-darkness. What can I do on a gloomy Sunday afternoon? Cleaning the house? No. Cooking some food? No. Watching some TV? Maybe later. Lighting some candles and burning some scrumptious incense? Yes. Doing something Tarot-related? Now we're talking.

OK, I've shuffled my King's Journey Tarot deck and now I'm pulling just one card to see what comes up.

Lo and behold, it's the Sun. What are my first thoughts about this card? Well, I can see the irony in it considering the adverse weather conditions outside, while I'm waiting for some profound messages to pop into my head about this card.

The Sun is an enchanting image with a young woman and her child sitting on a horse enjoying the warm sunshine, flower meadow and the surrounding fairies. It's a card of joy, happiness and child-like innocence. The Sun in a reading encourages creativity, optimism and a happy-go-lucky approach to life. The Sun also reminds me of an inspirational quote I once received from

Radiate Happiness
Have you ever noticed that happiness is not a dependency, it is a decision? You don't actually need anything to be happy. It's not something that comes from outside, it comes from inside, and when you radiate a happy energy you'll be amazed what it attracts into your life. Don't worry, be happy...sound familiar? Decide now, be happy, and watch magic begin to enter your life.

Yes, I think this empowering message sums up the Sun quite nicely. Happiness does indeed come from with
in; it’s about having a positive attitude to life regardless of what you own, how successful you are, what life throws at you or indeed what the weather is like outside. 

I also find that when the Sun turns up in a reading, life may not be all hunky-dory, but it can be a reminder that all isn't as bad as it seems. And if it does appear in your darkest hour, then perhaps it acts as reassurance that there will be light again and a new sense of purpose. The Sun is life, and it's asking you to choose life regardless of your circumstances. In return, life will choose you with all its magical experiences.

What are your creative urges that you wish to fulfil? How can positive thinking today help you improve your day? What do you feel enthusiastic about?

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