Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tarot Numerology: Five

The number Five in Tarot spells trouble, especially the ones in the Minor Arcana. The number Five is associated with the planet Mars, "God of War", and indicates a challenge of some sort. The Five of Wands depicts a confrontation, the Five of Cups emotional upheaval, the Five of Swords a hollow victory (or a defeat), and the Five of Pentacles financial hardship.

But what about Arcanum number 5, the Hierophant? This character seems benevolent on his throne, advising or preaching to his disciples, but the Hierophant is associated with ethics, morality, education, humanity and conscience, all of which can cause struggle, tension, upset and many heated discussions in addition to narrow-mindedness, intolerance, prejudice and radicalisation. If the Hierophant stands for religion, does the number Five indicate its inherent tendency to create havoc?

However, all is not lost. The number Five is asking for mediation, a middle way, re-instating the equilibrium, which is perfectly represented by Temperance, Arcanum number 14 (1 + 4 = 5). Temperance is a healing card, the angel a religious symbol, which suggests the need for compassion, mercy, forgiveness and moderation in times of strife.

Conflict and tension may also be apparent, when the following card combinations appear:

1. The Magician (1) + The Emperor (4) - two strong characters struggling to combine independence with responsibility

2. The High Priestess (2) + The Empress (3) - the need to combine opposites (night/day, unconscious/conscious, reflection/creativity) in order to create harmony

The Fives may indicate a tough situation, but at the same time they offer an eye-opening experience and eventually resolution and progress ahead.

For more information on the significance of numbers in tarot, check out my article Tarot & Numbers.

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