Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Pisces, Full Moon in Virgo

The Hermit, The Moon (King's Journey Tarot) © Chanel Bayless
The Tarot is a magical tool to explore the mysteries of life, and once you are more familiar with its astrological correspondences, you can gain deeper insights into the universal energies influencing you and your environment.

Today we have the full moon in Virgo; the Tarot card associated with Virgo is the Hermit. The current sun sign is Pisces, its corresponding Tarot card is the Moon. How do these two cards reflect the current energies surrounding us?

We see the Hermit sitting in his cosy cave surrounded by his tools: books, maps, crystals, pictures, glass vessels and navigational instruments. He represents the archetypal alchemist, who is dedicated to seek knowledge and explore the wisdom of the universe. The cave represents the earth, the fire in the background is the warmth and core of the earth; the Hermit is deeply connected to the earth. In his solitude he reflects and is dedicated to make sense of the universal mysteries surrounding him.

Key Meanings: withdrawal, guidance, introversion, physical healing, nurturing the soul, isolation, solitude, retreat, disconnection, need to feel safe and secure, spiritual advisor, reducing material possessions, living a simple life, humility, prudence

The Moon depicts a woman, who is drawn towards the large full moon rising above the sea between two pillars. The gravitational pull of the moon is strongest when it's full, so at this time of the moon cycle we have the best chance to manifest our harboured intentions, as indicated by  the pregnant woman in the image, who is about to give birth. The Moon and Pisces are associated with water, the element of feelings, emotions and love. The various cycles of the moon reflect the changing and unpredictable nature of our feelings and emotions, which cannot be controlled.

Key Meanings: imagination, feelings, insecurities, doubts, dreams, cycles, worries, love, mysteries, illusions, deception, moodiness, fluctuations, emotionally volatile, instinct

Virgo/Pisces balancing energies and qualities: earth/water, service/empathy, craft/inspiration, rationale/intuition; science/spirituality, nature/metaphysics; building solid foundations under our dreams and visions; healing by making sense of confusing situations; feeling love without attachment and dependency; grounded and secure amidst the ever changing rhythms of life; bringing order to chaos.

The Virgo/Pisces combination of earth and water is benevolent, making this a positive time to explore and develop what we feel passionate about:

  • projects and artistic endeavours require your attention to detail
  • grow and nurture relationships with unconditional love
  • gardening work/ sowing seeds/ planting bulbs/ re-potting plants
  • have a haircut or manicure; ok, you may be laughing now, but grooming at this time is apparently more effective and the result longer-lasting (looking after your body will also enhance your emotional well-being)
  • reflecting on issues whilst on a solitary walk through nature will help you gain more clarity
  • de cluttering and simplifying your life to reduce emotional baggage

What does the Virgo/Pisces combination hold for you? How do you make use of its energies at this time of the year? What activities do you get involved in to balance your physical and emotional needs?

Share your thoughts; I'd love to hear from you!

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