Friday, 2 March 2012

Entering the Spirit World

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What makes the King's Journey Tarot extra special is the additional suit of Spirit, which is modeled on the kabbalistic Tree of Life. The ten numbered Spirit cards represent the ten Sephiroth, where the Ace represents Kether, and Ten represents Malkuth.

The Spirit suit has been designed to represent our inner sanctum, where the four traditional suits and indeed life flow in perfect balance. It holds our core beliefs, which can change depending on our experiences over time, but their force always influences our essence, our daily lives.

The suit of Spirit in the King's Journey Tarot offers an additional subtle nuance to a reading. Spirit can emphasize a need to nurture spiritual balance and well-being. With the Spirit suit we can explore virtues and vices as well as spiritual gifts that are available to us.

The symbol of the Spirit suit are glowing sperm-like shapes; here in the Ten of Spirit they light the way towards the ghostly figure in the doorway. This card is associated with Malkuth, the material world.

Keywords for the Ten of Spirit: choosing the right path by rejecting anything that is damaging or suppressing; choices are made for spiritual not mundane gain; spiritually guided teachings, initiation and acceptance into a spiritual group or secret society; passing through a gate / ascending to the next spiritual level, no turning back; guardian angel

Virtue: Discrimination (in the sense of discernment)
Vice: Avarice (excessive greed)

When this card comes up in a reading, it may ask you to evaluate your lifestyle, especially in connection with material gain and attachment to possessions. Journey inward and explore your true purpose in life; focus on spiritual fulfilment.

Affirmation: I choose what is good for me to reach spiritual enlightenment. My wealth is spiritual fulfilment.

What is your attitude towards accumulating money and possessions? Is gaining material wealth your purpose in life? How do you nurture your spiritual needs? 

How do you feel about the addition of a Spirit suit in a Tarot deck? Do you feel it works well, or do you think Spirit is already integrated in a traditional four-suit deck?

Let me know; I'd love to hear from you!

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