Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The King's Journey Tarot

kings journey tarot
The King's Journey Tarot deck, designed by Chanel Bayless and illustrated by James Battersby, is a wonderfully vibrant deck with evocative and inspiring images.

Not often do I get blown away by a Tarot deck, but this time I did, when I looked at the cards for the first time after they arrived in the post.

This is an unusual deck; the borderless cards are untitled and unnumbered, and it boasts an additional 5th suit - Spirit. The Major Arcana also includes two additional cards - Daath and Soul. 

This may not be an ideal beginner's deck, but it's worth the extra effort to master it, if the artwork appeals to you.

The borderless cards allow you to create a seamless image when you put several cards together:

Seven of Cups, The Empress, Four of Swords

Have you noticed how the edges manage to flow from one card to the next and create a sense of continuity?

This is another nice touch showing that a lot of thought went into designing and creating these cards.

The King's Journey Tarot Companion Book is also available; an A4 size, 135 page spiral bound workbook with a wealth of information, including full colour images throughout, from lulu.com

You can purchase the deck on James Batterby's website.

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All images © Chanel Bayless & James Battersby, King's Journey Tarot Deck - 94 Cards, Self Published 2010

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  1. Hey I'm doing the same thing!


  2. Hi Alec,

    That's wonderful! I'm following your blog and look forward to reading your posts about this deck. Thanks for stopping by ;)

    Christiane x

    1. I too own this amazing powerhouse of a deck and I've been so lonely using it as it seemed no one else in the entire Tarot community was using it lol SO happy to come across TWO people this morning! I recall when I 1st saw this deck being created in '09 and just HAD to own it. Something about the characters,colours,theme, story...the sheer energy and soul I could sense in the scans. It became available but WOW was the kit expensive at $150! At the time WAY over my budget, and I ended up missing the chance to see it sell for $50 for the deck and LWB later. Fast forward to Sept '11 and I contact Chanel praising and begging for her deck..and by some miracle she contacted me a day later telling me she was doing a very small print order for only those who wanted it...I jumped right on it! Since then I bought the companion book, Chanel was so kind and sweet as to also send me one of the bonus cards that only came with the original Limited Edition sets back in '10 "Coat of Arms, Once a Fool now a King" and I know someday I WILL hunt down a copy of James Battersby book he wrote for the deck...and it'll be complete : ) I've been using the deck everyday since I got it in Oct and everyday bond with it more deepy and I get the most stunning, intuitive and massively intimate/personal readings with it. With my 1st 3 readings with it it boldly and in no uncertain terms told me this was going to be my deck for contacting my spirit guides and placing me in contact with the Otherworld/Underworld/Faery. And it most certainly HAS been such a deck as that to me! How do you both read with this deck? I mean what kind of readings do you seem to get from it? Do you use it as a general deck? I would LOVE to know details on your relationships with it, I do so love to share my Tarot journey but with this certain Tarot it's been a lonely journey...!

      Share ♥

    2. Hi Share, wow...I know how you feel ;) Just like you I couldn't afford it at first and had to wait...so glad I got it eventually and the companion book, too!

      Thank you for posting here, and I hope you no longer feel lonely ;)

      Christiane x


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