Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Power of Positive Communication

power of positive communication
Cosmic Faery Tarot Deck
Recently I have noticed, how quickly people fall into the trap of negative communication. It all starts with a little whine, but then it doesn't stop. This can happen among family and friends but also on social media.

Constant complaining, whinging, gossiping, expressing anger, frustration, bitterness, resentment, outpouring of problems and dramas.... The Queen of Swords on a bad day that never ends!

Are you one of these people?

I was once in a relationship, in which I became the go-to counsellor and found myself in a position of having to listen virtually non-stop to all the problems he kept having.

That relationship became so draining that I was totally relieved when it ended.

Don't fall into the trap of perpetual negativity when interacting with others.

On an unconscious level, it also drags you down emotionally while you keep talking yourself into a perpetual state of dissatisfaction.

And the longer you keep being stuck in this negative pattern, it becomes a habit that will be hard to shift.

At this stage, your vibrational energy may be so low that people begin to avoid hanging out with you.

A quick and easy way to improve your happiness is to communicate more positively thus raising your vibrations for the benefit of all.

You may have forgotten how to do this, so here are some ideas:

1. What has inspired you recently?
Talk about what has made you feel good, such as a great book, TV show, experience, a person, a trip.... anything that has made you forget about all your woes and crappiness in the world.

2. What are you grateful for today?
Yes, the usual gratitude exercise. It does work.

3. When thinking or talking about a person you dislike (e.g. a co-worker), what are their positive traits?
If you can't say anything positive, then try not say anything at all.

4. What happened recently that was funny?
Even better, if it involves you. Share a joke. Don't take yourself too seriously. Laughter is often the best medicine.

5. How can you help and encourage others to overcome their issues?
Take time to listen and show a genuine interest to be present for others when they need your support.

Shifting towards positive communication doesn't mean you have to ignore all the things that concern you, but don't let them consume you either.

Share your positive thoughts and stories today. Leave a positive comment below ;)

Warmest wishes,


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Friday, 13 January 2017

Setting Goals For The Year Ahead When You Don't Have Any

setting goals for the year ahead when you don't have any
Are you on the road to somewhere?
Over the last couple of months there has been a bombardment of new year diaries and planners on the internet in all shapes and sizes covering a variety of themes.

Apparently you need to set goals in order to get somewhere or achieve something, and those planners are designed for you to write everything down and check up on yourself every day / week / month.

Even I have created the Tarot Moon Journal workbook (in its fifth year!) for all Tarot enthusiasts out there, who not only want to be more mindful about their aspirations, but also want to learn some new tarot skills along the way.

But perhaps you are thinking that this is not for you. You don't have any specific goals except survive and have some good times along the way.

For many people, 2016 turned out to be difficult and even traumatic at times, and if you are one of them, then perhaps all you want to do is recover and heal and simply make the most of the cards you are going to be dealt with this year.

One of them is our global year card, the Wheel of Fortune. Brace yourself... swoosh! ;)

And then you see all these fancy, optimistic la-la people on the internet raving about how certain planners helped them build a successful business or find their soulmate.

And you just recoil feeling a little bit shitty, because your situation is a little less happy-go-lucky-la-la, to say the least.

But guess what? It's perfectly okay not to have any goals.

Yes, don't worry about it. Just let all that hype go.

word of the year journaling
Word of the Year creative journaling sheet
from Cosmic Faery's Journal workbook
Instead, you can do a bit of soul work with your tarot cards to gain some perspective and direction.

Perspective is always good, especially when you feel you're drifting and you don't quite know what you want or where you're heading.

Start off by calculating your year card (mine is Strength this year)

Then, work out your word for the year based on your year card (my word for the year 2017 is CREATE).

Your personal power word will offer you a sense of purpose, direction and guidance over the next twelve months ahead.

Tarot journaling for healing and
personal growth
Now you should have some idea of what you might want to focus on over the coming months, and you can continue to draw tarot cards for more specific ideas.

On the left you can see a page from my Tarot Moon Journal, on which I have simply recorded the cards I drew for specific areas in my life.

These cards can give you a hint on what you may wish to aim for, but if not, then just leave them there and revisit the page from time to time to see, how the messages of the cards begin to unfold.

You don't need to have any flashy goals to have a great year ahead.

If you have experienced loss, heartache, health issues or any other challenging situation, every little step towards recovery and healing will be a huge achievement.

Drawing a card and asking What can I do today to help me heal? can be an empowering way to make a positive difference without getting overwhelmed by elaborate or even out-of-reach goals.

Once you have made a start with your year card and personal power word for 2017, you may feel a little more in control of the direction you wish to take.

And having at least some control over your life is a good feeling. You can build on that with regular journaling as a personal development and healing tool.

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Wishing you all the Best for the New Year,


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